Pool Closing For Winter - October 28th

Stonecreek Board of Directors Meeting - October 18th

Great Pumpkin Splash Community Event - October 13th

Community Garage Sale - November 11th & 12th

Stonecreek Board of Directors Meeting - November 15th (Budget Meeting!)


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Great Pumpkin Splash!

For the first time in Stonecreek's history, the Board of Directors is inviting all residents interested to attend a community event at the pool on Friday October 13th at 6:00 PM. This event, The Great Pumpkin Splash, will be a fun family focused event where you will have the opportunity to pick up a pumpkin (if you swim for it!), get some food and drinks and even enjoy a movie.

For more information feel free to reach out to Brian at Brian.Borg@borgprop.com or via phone at 480-838-6900 ext. 5!

Community Garage Sale!

The Stonecreek Board of Directors has voted to bring back the annual community garage sale! This year we are aiming to ask all residents who wish to participate to aim for Saturday November 11th and Sunday November 12th!

The Board will be gauging engagement with this event to help determine what can be done to enhance next year's event as well as determine if additional events would be well received by homeowners in the future!

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Borg via email at brian.borg@borgprop.com or via phone at 480-838-6900 ext. 5!

Pool Closing For Winter Season

Stonecreek will be closing its community pool on October 28th for the winter. During the off season work will be done on both the cooldeck as well as the fencing around the pool area. We look forward to opening up the pool next year with some improvements for all Stonecreek residents to enjoy!

Playground Updates

This November, the Stonecreek Playground, lovingly known by many as the Blue Slide Park, will be getting some major updates! New playground equipment will be installed sometime during the month. We hope all residents are looking forward to these improvements!

Online Portal Now Available!

Residents of Stonecreek HOA are asked to contact Brian Borg at Brian.Borg@Borgprop.com if they are interested in activating an online portal for their HOA account.  These portals will allow residents to check their association dues payment status as well as pay dues online and communicate with the management company in various different ways!

Board of Director's Meetings

The Stonecreek Board of Directors has opted to continue holding their Board Meetings via Zoom. Any resident wishing to participate in future meetings should contact Brian Borg the week of the meeting to obtain access information!  Please feel free to do so by contact him at 480-838-6900 ext. 5 or via email at Brian.Borg@borgprop.com

P.O. Box - Association Dues Payments

BPS wishes to remind all residents to please use the new P.O. Box for payments going forward!

The new P.O. Box address is:

Stonecreek HOA
Dept # P9068
PO Box 30846 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0846

Please contact Borg Property Services if you have any questions!
Thank you.


Starting April of 2023, BPS has been asked by the Stonecreek Board of Directors to begin sending association vendors onto resident properties if they have reached a fourth fine notice without corrections being made for certain violations particularly those relating to landscaping.

Expenses incurred by the HOA to complete correction on the noted violations will be charged back to the owner of the home.

Please contact BPS with any questions!