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The Stonecreek Board of Directors is quite pleased with how the new Tennis Court and Basketball Courts have come out.  They hope you all agree and want to hear from you!  Please feel free to send feedback to

If the Board likes what you have to say, they may include your comments in an upcoming community newsletter! 


May 15, 2019 - Stonecreek HOA Annual Meeting!



The pool is now open for the summer! Just in time for the warm temperatures, the community pool is now open! Remember, new card keys were mailed to all residents back in February, along with account payment status and information on the key! Your key may be off if your balance is greater than $110.00!

Remember to observe all pool rules and please contact Gilbert Police and/or Borg Property Services immediately should you see any vandalism or anyone trespassing after pool hours, which are 7AM to 10PM.


Residents in Stonecreek HOA received their new keys to the pool towards the end of February.  These keys are actually in the form of a card which you will need to use to get into the Stonecreek HOA pool starting this year! The old keys are still used to get into the community Tennis Courts so do not get rid of them! Residents who did not receive a key or have questions, please contact Brian Borg at Borg Property Services via phone at 480-838-6900 ext. 5 or via email at


Stonecreek HOA will be having its annual meeting on May 15th at 7:00 PM.  This year the meeting will be held at the Southeast Regional Library in the Shakespear room.  This library is located on the Southeast corner of Guadalupe and Greenfield right next to the Riparian Water Preserve.  All residents are encouraged to attend!


Recently the Stonecreek common areas, particularly the pool and its immediate surrounding area, have been the target of vandals and trespassers.  Additionally, there have been multiple reports of individuals blatantly ignoring pool rules.  The rule breaking has been minor to severe cumulating with kids having been reported to have been jumping from the pool house roof into the pool.  Obviously this particular act is extremely dangerous and could cost a life if not curbed immediately!

If you should see any of these things happening, please remember to call the police immediately.  They do have the ability to remove individuals from the area and make arrests if necessary. 

You may also contact Borg Property Services at 480-838-6900 ext 5 or if after hours at 1-888-367-5203

Thank you.


It has recently come to the attention of Borg Property Services and the Stonecreek Board of Directors that several of the association's pine trees have become infested with bark beetles.  Steps are being taken to prevent further spreading however residents are encouraged to begin preventative measures of their own!

The current company handling landscaping at the association is Shamrock Landscaping.  For more information on how to prevent bark beetle damage to your own trees, contact them at (602)-606-7603


It is that time of year again!  Bees are starting to pick up their activity, and while they are a crucial part to the environment, they can also be dangerous to residents of a community!  If you should happen to find a bee hive anywhere within the association's common areas, please contact Borg Property Services immediately at 480-838-6900 ext. 5  or via email at!

Thank you!