Annual Meeting Set!

The Board of Directors has set the annual meeting date of Wednesday May 18th at 6:00 PM.  This meeting will be held via Zoom teleconference.  Residents wishing to attend need to contact Brian Borg via email at 

Residents who attend will have the chance to win a free quarter of association dues.  Up to five winners will be chosen at the end of the meeting!

All residents are encouraged to attend so you can find out what the community is doing with the funds you pay each quarter and what might be coming soon!

Community Pool Opening Date

The Board of Directors has set a pool opening date of Friday April 15th this year!  Pool hours are 7 AM to 10 PM.  Please be sure to observe all pool rules and make sure to watch any kids around water!

Online Portal Now Available!

Residents of Stonecreek HOA are asked to contact Brian Borg at if they are interested in activating an online portal for their HOA account.  These portals will allow residents to check their association dues payment status as well as pay dues online and communicate with the management company in various different ways!

Association Dues Increase

The Stonecreek Homeowners Association Board of Directors voted during the July meeting to increase the association's quarterly assessment from $165.00 per quarter to $180.00 per quarter starting January 1, 2022.  This decision was made after careful consideration with an eye towards putting the increased revenue towards larger community projects such as the anticipated reconstruction of existing common area walls in late 2022 early 2023.  This increase will be the first since 2008.  No further increases are anticipated at this time.  If you have questions, please contact Brian Borg at or via phone at 480-838-6900 ext. 5.

Fine Schedule Updated

During the October Board of Directors meeting, the Board discussed and adjusted the association's fine schedule.  Please be sure to check it out on the Resident Services page if you have any questions!

Pool Closed for the Winter!

The Board has closed to close the community pool starting October 25th.  The pool will be closed likely until sometime mid-April.

Board of Director's Meetings

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, the Stonecreek Board of Directors has opted to continue holding their Board Meetings via Zoom. Any resident wishing to participate in future meetings should contact Brian Borg the week of the meeting to obtain access information!  Please feel free to do so by contact him at 480-838-6900 ext. 5 or via email at

Pool Opening For the Summer!

It is once again time for the association's community pool to be opened for the summer.  Typically the community pool opens in the middle of April and closes just before Halloween in October. If you plan on visiting the community pool, please be sure to observe the rules and be safe.  Also make sure you have fun!

P.O. Box - Association Dues Payments

BPS wishes to remind all residents to please use the new P.O. Box for payments going forward!

The new P.O. Box address is:

Stonecreek HOA
Dept # P9068
PO Box 30846 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0846

Please contact Borg Property Services if you have any questions!
Thank you.


It has recently come to the attention of Borg Property Services and the Stonecreek Board of Directors that several of the association's pine trees have become infested with bark beetles.  Steps are being taken to prevent further spreading however residents are encouraged to begin preventative measures of their own!

The current company handling landscaping at the association is Shamrock Landscaping.  For more information on how to prevent bark beetle damage to your own trees, contact them at (602)-606-7603


Borg Property Services is implementing a new updated violation enforcement software which will allow future notices to include photos of the violation and allow for better tracking.  It is our hope that these notices should clear up any questions you may have should you receive any notices!

Borg Property Services has also been instructed to begin enforcing a couple items a bit differently than they had been in the past.  These items are deteriorating paint conditions on homes within the community and stumps left from trees cut down on private property.

With the homes aging in the community, the structures require new coats of paint to maintain their integrity.  BPS has been instructed to start enforcing paint in disrepair more closely than they had been to this point.  The Board of Directors is also looking at how much time is granted to correct any paint in disrepair issues and will be updating the Fine Schedule likely during the November meeting!

For stumps, BPS has been instructed to begin enforcing stumps in front yards as being dead trees.  Residents must either remove the stumps or ensure they are ground down to be level with its surroundings!

Contact BPS with any questions!


Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Please send any questions to the webmaster via email by clicking here.

Suggestions to improve the website?

Do you think you have a way of improving the functionality and usefulness of the Stonecreek HOA website?  Send a suggestion to and you just may see it happen!.



The Pool Is Closed As Of October 14th.

ANNUAL MEETING - May 18th @ 6:00 PM

April BOD Meeting - April 20th

March BOD Meeting - March 23rd

January BOD Meeting - January 19th

November BOD Meeting - November 17th (Budget Meeting!)

October BOD Meeting - October 20, 2021

September BOD Meeting - September 22, 2021