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September 12, 2018

Board of Director's Meeting!-Offices of Borg Property Services - 6:00 PM

July 30, 2018

Drone video uploaded!

July 18, 2018

Board of Director's Meeting - Offices of Borg Property Services - 6:00 PM



The Stonecreek Board of Directors is quite pleased with how the new Tennis Court and Basketball Courts have come out.  They hope you all agree and want to hear from you!  Please feel free to send feedback to

If the Board likes what you have to say, they may include your comments in an upcoming community newsletter! 


The pool is currently closed for the winter!  While the pool is closed, work will be happening in the area to repair several items and install a new electronic lock system.  Please look to future newsletters for more information on the system or reach out to Borg Property Services with any questions at 480-838-6900 ext. 5.


Recently the Stonecreek common areas, particularly the pool and its immediate surrounding area, have been the target of vandals and trespassers.  Additionally, there have been multiple reports of individuals blatantly ignoring pool rules.  The rule breaking has been minor to severe cumulating with kids having been reported to have been jumping from the pool house roof into the pool.  Obviously this particular act is extremely dangerous and could cost a life if not curbed immediately!

If you should see any of these things happening, please remember to call the police immediately.  They do have the ability to remove individuals from the area and make arrests if necessary. 

You may also contact Borg Property Services at 480-838-6900 ext 5 or if after hours at 1-888-367-5203

Thank you.


It has recently come to the attention of Borg Property Services and the Stonecreek Board of Directors that several of the association's pine trees have become infested with bark beetles.  Steps are being taken to prevent further spreading however residents are encouraged to begin preventative measures of their own!

The current company handling landscaping at the association is Shamrock Landscaping.  For more information on how to prevent bark beetle damage to your own trees, contact them at (602)-606-7603


The community pool will be undergoing a series of updates/repairs in fall of this year including a new cooldeck, electronic lock system and more!  For additional information, please feel free to contact Brian Borg at Borg Property Services. 

Thank you!


Several residents within the community have reported roof rat activity near their homes.  Residents are highly encouraged to carefully maintain their fruit trees as this is what tends to attract the pests to the area!  BPS has been sending out violation letters to residents with fruit on the ground, however trees with fruit that has not yet dropped also cause problems!   A creative solution is contacting a local food bank and asking them to come take the fruit from your trees!  This way you can provide food to those in need as well as discourage future roof rat issues!


It is that time of year again!  Bees are starting to pick up their activity, and while they are a crucial part to the environment, they can also be dangerous to residents of a community!  If you should happen to find a bee hive anywhere within the association's common areas, please contact Borg Property Services immediately at 480-838-6900 ext. 5  or via email at!

Thank you!